Friday, March 04, 2016

Trump Two

Obviously he is not as heroic as he claims. But equally he is not as most of you claim:
1. He is not a fundamentalist religious zealot. Maybe that should not be noteworthy, but it seems to distinguish him from some of the other Republican candidates.
2. He agrees that the Iraq war and similar foreign interventions were catastrophes. In fact he is so obsessed with protecting American home borders that he would be far less likely than any other to try foreign regime change. Those who remember Vietnam, Chile, Iraq and countless others would be grateful.
3. The big money sponsors of the GOP hate him. To that extent, compared to any other Republican candidate, he is far more representative of the people than of entrenched corporate interests.
4. I think people forget how he behaved in his pre-political career. I only watched parts of early Apprentice, but although he came across as a blustering buffoon , I recall not a trace of racism nor sexism. In fact he would regularly call people out for such attitudes.
5. Which brings me to the last point, we cannot actually believe his current bluster anyway. He’ll say anything to get attention and get votes. What he needs to say to win over America is vastly different to what he needs to say to win over a bunch of racist sexist rednecks.


Enter your email address to WIN a tablet.  Give us your feedback to WIN a gift voucher.  Fill out a survey to WIN a prize.

How does anyone ever take “offers” like that seriously?  Why would anyone ever be taken in by such false advertising?  But it can’t actually be false advertising, because it is everywhere.

Even if the law says that a prize has to be available if such an offer is made, you have usually been given no idea of the number of people who will enter and you have no idea of the odds of success.  You would be foolish to enter, if you are trying to win.

I guess it’s a bit like the lottery.  If you want to enjoy the “thrill” of gambling then do it.  If you want to win then don’t.