Sunday, April 05, 2009

The Number One Red

David James has reclaimed the position of England's national goalkeeper. According to most pundits, he fully deserved it. According to Match of the Day that is verified.

Talking of Match of the Day, over the last few seasons they have been raving about how consistently superb Brad Friedel has been for Blackburn.

Both James and Friedel were recently released by Liverpool FC for not being good enough. The solution to the problems was to be Jerzy Dudek, the astounding young Polish keeper.

Despite a fine record in saving penalties , Dudek was considered small for a goalkeeper with not enough of a powerful presence. The giant Sander Westerveld was also the regular number one, but he too was let go.

Perhaps Liverpool should look to the future. Chris Kirkland? Scott Carson?

Although they are still playing, and playing astoundingly well, none of them currently plays for the club.

Why do they keep letting their stoppers go? What future has Reina?

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Rana said...

There was actually supposed to be deep parallel in this post about a particular situation, a particular organisation and a particular consultant there. Ending on the word "Reina" was a bit of a clue. Lack of comments suggest it all went over your heads.

Oh well.

The points about Liverpool FC goalkeepers were valid insight anyway - it's funny that every keeper they discard for being useless goes on to prove that he was actually worth keeping.