Wednesday, April 29, 2009

IPL Day 11

Game one, Kolkata lost again. With one ball to spare. I had hoped that the Challengers would finally mount a decent challenge, but why now, why against my home team? The cricketing gods are taunting me. However top scorer for Bangalore was a young chap I'd never heard of called Shreevats Goswami. His home town, Kolkata.

In game two, another nailbiter. RB from Essex failed again but at least scored more runs than SRT from Mumbai, Slinga Malinga justified my prediction that he would be the bowler of the tournament, but Punjab still crept to victory off the very last ball.

An aside, an insight. The IPL gets stick for being crass commercialised corrupted cricket. And it's true that the short boundaries, the incessant sponsorship and the over-excitable commentators do their best to ruin the game. But as a format 20:20 has great attributes. Every ball really matters, and the most successful bowlers have been the canny spinners and the superfast expresses - these are the ones who the doom-mongers said were only good for test matches and unsuitable for the one day game. They were partially right, "traditional" fifty-over one-day games encouraged medium pace trundlers and bits-and-pieces trundlers - but 20:20 seems to encourage specialism and special talent, and long may it continue.


Bearded Socialist said...

Much of Essex's success in One Day and 2020 cricket has been due to having two good spinners. In 2020 we always play a Fast bowler, alongside David Masters who is having an amazing season so far, although he is the ultimate county dibbley-dobbler.
I think the fascination with medium bits and pieces cricketers in one day cricket is a mistake. Not to be confused with quality medium-pace bowling, which is different.

So many times positive cricket wins, which is why England looses. Too often England have tried to defend their way to victory, when having a good attack that takes wickets has proved at least very useful.

How is Bopara doing by the way?

Nitin G said...

hey i wana go 4 ipl final match. where i can get d tickets.. coz i try… so ppl told that tickets r sold… but many of my friends still getting tickets…. dnt know from where… plz me me out