Wednesday, February 04, 2009

A Poorly Placed Ad Break

From the Guardian minute by minute report a few minutes ago today:

After nearly two hours of goallessness:

117 mins: Everton roll forward anew .... and ITV cut to commercials!? Eh? I said EH? Get it sorted please. [...]

118 mins: GOAL! Everton 1-0 Liverpool (Gosling 119')

118 mins: Yes, while ITV were inexplicably, unforgivably on a commercial break, Van Der Meyde scuttled down the right and floated in a cross that Gosling was allowed to take down. He scooped a dainty shot towards the top corner from eight yards and Reina can't get to it! Cue delirium at Goodison! And sackings at ITV, surely.

119 mins: Liverpool are lamping it desperately forward, to no avail. "What in the name of dear God were ITV playing at?" roars Simon Arnold and approximately 233,567 others.

120 mins: Peep! Peep! Peeeeep! It's full-time, Everton are victorious thanks to a Gosling goal that all in TV-reliant Britain missed.

Commercials? Inexplicably. Approximately. Three small typos corrected but you get the picture. Clearly not everyone did.

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Anonymous said...

ITV are great. Lest we forget their performance in broadcasting the first round of the FA Cup - Histon vs Leeds.
1 Despite it being November, ITV didn't plan for rain. Cue lots of droplets on every camera, meaning 60% vision for tv viewers.
2 Think twice about putting microphones close to the fans to create a 'carnival atmosphere.' What actually happened was a Leeds fan managed to grab one of the mics and pull it into the Leeds end, while the fans were chanting "ITV is f'ing sh1t". It took ITV 8 seconds to realise before they muted the mic.
3 Plucky Histon win! What a result. It's just as well that ITV put a camera in the Histon changing room! Cue lots of champagne spraying and celebration. Oh and of course one of the Histon players was naked. Broadcast live on TV.

With all that foul language and nudity, ITV should have given that game an 18 rating.

ITV is worth watching for the comedic value alone. They are the football coverage equivalent of FOX News.