Thursday, February 19, 2009

25 Personal Things

Well I said I'd start on the 25 random things. So I did.

I wrote them, but they aren't published yet. None of them are secret, but there is a nagging doubt whether this blog is the appropriate place for them. Obviously there is nothing embarrassing or illegal there, but they look inward whereas most of this blog looks outward.

And I still wonder how the revelation of further personal details would change the opinions of me of those around me. So I don't.


Anonymous said...

Boooo!! Tell us some juicy secrets you tease.

Rana said...

I apologise, sincerely. It is annoying and simply bad behaviour in my book when people leave a deliberately tantalising status update on Facebook or Twitter that "forces" you to ask another question to understand it - I believe that the answer must always be there in common news or in a linked article. It's one of this blog's published rules too.

So I've been bad - no real excuse, but an explanation, in this case I am now writing not about personal things (insular) but about the dilemmas of considering personal things in social networking environments (generic). It's complicated. As is my life at the moment. Now that was a tease, but I'll explain on Monday outside of blog comments - I know who you are.

Faisal said...

That doesn't help the rest of us.

The Maze Monster said...

My blog is full of randomness so I wouldn't worry. Often I'm serious but just as often I am random!

Rana said...

FK, personal email sent to you too.

MM, yes your blog is random - but I like it. Actually my attempt to avoid randomness is because the whole "point" of my blog was to bring order to chaos, doesn't always work.

Ann Cardus said...

You and I have differing views on the Facebook tantalising status and indeed the tantalising Tweet. I see them as an invitation to participate in a dialogue.
And as for 25 random things, well one can choose from an infinite number of things so why not make them blog appropriate.