Thursday, July 18, 2013

Best Practice Management

Did a bit of management training last week.  Not for the first time, but it is always good to hear how each company spins it, the different focus of different focus of different organisations.

A first five five tips from my time on the course, though not necessarily from the actual course material:

1. You will got most benefit and best performance by concentrating on developing your strengths, not from compensating for your weaknesses.

2. Only you know your strengths. Other people may know and advise about what you are good at, but that is not the same thing.

3. Even if they ask for specific help and advice, don't provide specific help and advice for your team members.  Instead encourage them to find the answers themselves.

4. Being a manager, developing team members, that is just as important as leading the team, providing them direction.

5. An organisation, however large, only needs one leader, but it may require plenty of managers.

So those are teachings, will see if they become learnings.   

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