Friday, January 30, 2009

Tweeting is for birds?

From JP on January 17th: Twitter is fast becoming my personal submarine and periscope to the ocean of the World Wide Web

From Ann on January 23rd: I think this year is Twitter’s year. I think their tipping point has been reached and passed.

From Stephen Fry just yesterday: Welcome to my twitterworld

But I'm still not sure about it. Two possible reactions:

From the stereotypical new woman, enthusiastic about this new way to communicate:

I am a twitter. Sexy, fun, dietin' manhunter.

Or from the stereotypical dinosaur, a guy who doesn't believe in all this new technology:

I am a twit. Terse, XY, fundie, tin man, hunter.

The same letters in the same order, just slightly different spacing.


Faisal said...

I went to a lecture by a renowned venture capitalist at the Stanford Entrepreneurial Network, and he was raving about Twitter. He claimed he could happily give up his email, but not his Twitter accout, for a week. I really thought about challenging him about it, but didn't.

I just don't get twitter. What is so great about it? You can tell people what you are doing...great for those who want to know, I guess. But it hardly seems "useful".

I think it's a precursor to the day we will be able to have tiny, hi-res cameras attached to us, uploading pics automatically. That could be fun and provide a very detailed glimpse very quickly, but again, I would quickly tire of looking at thousands up picture updates from friends every day.

Twittering is what idiots do.

Rana said...

I don't really get it either, but I do see the potential of it.

So far, I prefer email precisely because of its slightly batched-up nature - I'd like to think I spend the vast majority of my life "offline", online status updates are infrequent, but twitter seems to suggest that it should be always be up-to-date.

But even I have a twitter account now - follow me :)

Faisal said...

Twitter, facebook, myspace, flickr, photobucket, other personalized portals, my this, my that, second life, profiles, sheesh! People seem to spend more time updating all this crap rather than living their lives.

Rana said...

Obviously, I'm at