Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Premier League Entertainment

Top five reasons why the Indian Premier League could be considered better than the English Premier League.

1. Developing local talent. The number of foreign players allowed in each IPL team has been capped at four. Equally there is a requirement that young local players must be included in the squad. European Free Trade laws, designed to maximise business profits, have been leveraged to prevent that here (despite FIFA suggestions).

2. Tension. The English Premier League was decided on the last day. Great. But as soon as Ryan Giggs scored ManU's second goal about twenty minutes from the end, then the result was more or less sure. The IPL season went down to the very last second, the last ball of the last over of the last match.

3. Interesting Team Names. Why append the name of the city with the word "united" when the club is one of the most divisive elements in that city. Call it after a brand of cigarette. Or after a very special car.

4. Drugs. The captain of the English Premier League winners missed his drug test because he was shopping. Pathetic. The captain of the Indian Premier League winners definitely took his drug test, and he even slimmed down specially for it.

5. Cheerleaders. That's all.

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