Saturday, May 17, 2008

Gordon Brown Dravid

I don't often write about politics.

I do often write about cricket.

But what I really write about is synchronicity.

As the senior player behind Saurav Ganguly and others, Rahul Dravid was an excellent number two for more than a decade. In fact I'd go so far as to say that, despite the fact that he was not officially leader, he was actually responsible for most of the team's success this century. And he seems a genuinely nice guy too, fully aware of his own ability but always prepared to work hard to improve, determined on the field but friendly and self-effacing in interviews.

Yet finally, in charge of his own team, everything seems to be going wrong and the whole world even supposed supporters seem turned against him. Admittedly some of his team are proving to be incompetent fools. But as for Dravid himself, in some ways, he is performing heroically in adversity. The 1990s reputation for being slow is now entirely unjustified. Today, as reported on CricInfo a few minutes ago, he scored 75 in 36 balls. The entire rest of his team, all ten of them together, scored a total of 51 in 84. Do the maths.


v!sh said...

And DO you or DON'T you often write about religon...? Please clarify for us mere mortals...

Rana said...

I do often write about the fundamental interconnectness of everything, but that's really science.

When accused by AC of "but you always write about religion" I replied that was incorrect, it was probably at most once per week.

But now that you've formally asked, I'll formally reply … 43 notes on that topic in 315 days … that's 13.7% … that's just less than 1 in 7 :)