Friday, April 11, 2008

House Values

A little personal diversion. Following the publication of this picture a few days ago, have received a couple of offline comments ...
Complementary: that looks really great for a "back yard", not what I'd expect in London
Accusatory: that's just hypocritical, you with your detached house talking about "natural" rights for everyone.

Now if we did have a really expensive house, that would be nothing to be proud of. That would just be an ostentatious display of wealth. Impossible. But what I am somewhat proud of is that the house was not expensive. Barely the average price nationwide, let alone the average price in London.

Because we prioritise peace and quiet at home, we consciously chose something without attached neighbours in a road without traffic. But you never get something for nothing, so other things are compromised. The neigbourhood is hardly trendy, there are no fancy bars or clubs anywhere near. The house itself is correspondingly unfashionable, neither refurbished victorian nor stylish modern, just the cheap red bricks common in the 1970s. Inside it's equally basic. But it is also quiet, homely and convenient.

It is just a question of values and priorities.

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Ann Cardus said...

People prioritise different things. If we all wanted the same we really would have a screwed up housing market.