Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Korbo Lorbo Jitbo

Some people, including serious cricket commentators, think that the Indian Premier League is a joke. Some of the bidders were clearly having a laugh. But I just learned (thanks Esh) that my home town team is really going for it. They have been named the Kolkata Knight Riders.

Brilliant. In cricket more than in other team sports, one man can make a difference. And we can expect plenty of puns about cricket kitt.

The team colours are black and gold, because "black is the colour of goddess Kali and we aim for gold". Coincidence? Bangladesh got in first with the tiger moniker, but we just happen to use the tiger's colours.

It gets better. The mascot is a tiger, and they have named it "Hoog Lee". Sounds like a tough-talking kung-fu name - for those who don't know the river upon which Kolkata is located.

And a team anthem has been composed. The title words are in it. In English they translate to "I'll do it, I'll fight, I'll win". It's what Caesar would have said before "veni, vidi, vici". After season one of the ICL, I predict Korechi Lorechi Jitechi.

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