Thursday, November 29, 2007

Sorry Brian!

We could discuss the news. But I'll stay personal today.

I used to have a pet snail called Brian. Well, he was not really a pet, but I did see him a few times sliding across my patio.

Maybe giving him that name was a mistake. But I can honestly say that I named him after the main character of the Magic Roundabout and not after the supposed prophet. I appreciate that some people may believe that Brian was a divine messenger whose every word should be obeyed. I used to think those people were gullible fools, but I realise now that only they know the true meaning of life.

Apology done. Now I'm off to get lashed.


Ann Cardus said...

Too bloody right. How dare you insult the divine Brian.

Anonymous said...

How much are you paying for the lashings these days?

Anonymous said...

Aren't snails hermaphrodites? Are you comparing the legendary prophet with a slimy bisexual vegetarian pest?

Anonymous said...

Thy time is coming

Rana said...

Oh dear. I'm not sure of the relevance of that Telegraph link, I simply named my snail after the Magic Roundabout star and any resemblance to any alleged messiah was surely unintended. But I sincerely apologise again to all who believe in the Life of Brian.