Thursday, August 09, 2007

Self Help

I don't usually talk about personal stuff here. This blog is mainly about common sense, not personal opinion.

It is obvious that I despise the fatuous meaningless platitudes that pass for all unscientific spiritualism and most scientific "counselling". But could even someone like me do a deep meaningful concise message of personal philosophy? I can try.

For everything I write here, I sometimes hope that certain people don't see it, but I accept that those people may see it. It is the same for every conversation that I ever have with anybody, at work or at home or at the pub. Sometimes, inevitably, talk is about people outside of those in the discussion. And I am completely prepared for anything that I have ever said about anyone, even in a private meeting, to be relayed to the people discussed in that meeting.

If you say or do anything anywhere, would you feel any guilt if it was made public?

It's a way to live. It may sound very obvious on reflection. But then so should everything else here.


Faisal said...

Interesting. In the summer, when women walk around wearing a lot of skimpy, revealing outfits, I wouldn't want them to know my thoughts, or what I say to others about them. Even if it's mostly complimentary.

I would want George Bush and Tony Blair to know what I thought of them and their mindless minions. Even though it's not fit to print.

Rana said...

At the risk of sounding like those life coach people, I was trying a deeper point. I still do silly and stupid things sometimes, but there should be nothing to be ashamed about.

Ann Cardus said...

I'm not sure my life is that virtuous.