Sunday, February 21, 2016


Trump doesn't scare me. Well of course he doesn't physically scare anybody, with that bombastic voice and that ridiculous rug on his head. But it does seem almost obligatory for any European or liberal commentator to say that he is the reincarnation of Hitler and the precursor to unparalleled levels of Fascism.
But sorry folks, he isn't.
Some of what he says is sensible and the painful truth. Sorry again.
Much of what he says does however seem like impractical impossible delusional nonsense. But that simply seems to be the raving of a man who is prepared to say absolutely anything to win the Republican nomination, even if it contradicts everything he has ever said before, and then he will say absolutely anything to try to win the presidency, again contradicting everything before.
If he does get in, I think as soon as he realises that new fences across countless miles of unpatrolled borders and religious checks on every entrant are borderline impossible and more expensive than he could possibly imagine, then of course he'd drop those plans.
He's all about personal greed and megalomania. Unpleasant and painful - but not apocalyptic.
The scary one is Ted Cruz. He is the sort of religious nutcase who would push ahead and bankrupt the country just because it was ideologically right. He is the sort of person who would love to push the red button and bring forth the End of Days.
Now be scared.

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